Clear, effective communications are the hallmark of a professional business.


Poor grammar, translation errors and confusing text are the first sign that a company does not have the resources of a good communications team behind them. The digital world is all about content: keeping it fresh, keeping it relevant. Without good research skills and a strong background in professional writing your efforts are wasted.


Let SCS help you communicate your message with engaging content and audience-appropriate copywriting.

  • Downtown Showdown, A Novel: A quirky romance in the workplace

    So, I once wrote an entire romance novel just to entertain a group of my coworkers. Over the course of six weeks, the half-dozen or so ‘book club’ ladies received almost daily installments as I worked my way through the story of an overworked engineer who finds, in his feisty admin assistant, an unlikely ally as he tries to save his project and his career from intra-company sabotage.


    I did the illustrations by request because shouldn’t all romances be illustrated?


  • myPercent20 Blog

    myPercent20 refers to the character string, %20, which is used in internet addresses to replace a blank space.


    My blog is my blank space. It seems I have so many interests and, in truth, there are so many interesting things going on in the world, that a blog on just one topic would not work for me.  Visit the site to see what is on my mind and for a sampling of my many writing styles.