Are big corporations the only ones who need to work faster?


Creating a strong identity for your business means more than just putting together a slick logo. Big corporations know that a consistent look and feel make a professional statement. In addition, standard design elements can actually make creating all those flyers and web ads more efficient. Never waste time trying to decide what you will look like "this week".

SCS can scale a corporate identity package that satisfies your needs. Start with a great logo, a standardized font, and a few key design elements that will be your statement to the market. Next, add a simple website (using the elements you've just created!) If needed, a streamlined presentation template brings branding and professionalism to important meetings.


Later, expand to a full brand specification document so you always present yourself consistently and with your best foot forward.


Making these design decisions up front saves you time and money in the long run.

Don't waste hours scrolling through fonts and selecting a design for every ad. Do it once.

  “...I have complete confidence in [Michelle's] ability to put  
  together a marketing strategy and translate a vision into a
  marketing reality....She developed my company logo and is
  using it to create my website and my marketing strategy.”


—Sharon Sunga Mylod – Trainer and Management Consultant

  • SSM, ISO & Management Support

    Modern, dynamic and strong.


    In the business of organizational quality and procedural streamlining, SSM’s new identity needed to show movement, growth and new direction, with a subtle realignment along the way. A thin grey line shifts from one branch to another, indicative of the process changes SSM recommends to its clients that lead to dynamic results.


    The cocooning nature of the curve conjures the supportive, nurturing style of the proprietor.