Your visual presentation should tell the same story as your written one: innovative, trustworthy, whimsical--however you want to be seen, you can show it with the right design.

  • Angela and Ralph's Wedding Motif

    Graphic romantics.


    Angela and Ralph didn’t want flowers. At least, that’s what the brief and all the samples they sent of wedding invitations suggested. What we discovered, in the back and forth of the designer-client process, was that they just didn’t want the standard issue ‘pretty’ wedding designs. They wanted a look that was uniquely theirs.


    This simple, graphic lavender motif showed up in every aspect of their lovely wedding: from the invitations, to the wedding decorations, to the ‘thank you’  notes.


  • Adam and Amanda’s Lovebird Wedding Invitation

    Lovebirds in Blue Wedding Invitation


    A garden wedding, a pair of lovebirds, and a happy couple.

  • Serious Sparrow Greetings

    Serious Sparrow Greetings: cards with personality


    Minimalist and fun; Serious Sparrow Greetings are drawn, written and produced by Michelle Scarrow, of Scarrow Creative Services. They are currently sold through Etsy and word-of-mouth.

“I’ve always loved Michelle’s graphic style (modern, yet elegant). So she was an obvious choice to design our wedding motif. We gave her some direction, but in the end she came up with something completely unexpected.  And we loved it!”


—Angela and Ralph

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